Letters from Individuals


A poem by Jannie Wolff

You have not gotten to see
Many sides of me
And I have not really seen you
A smile here, a quick laugh
We've known each other for years
But what have we known

On a Tuesday in September I woke up
To the most beautiful morning
The air was clear, the sky blue
But it was just an illusion
By eleven o'clock I was drinking
As I thought of you and so many others

Nothing is clear, nothing seems real
From my roof I had a bird's eye view
Of a sight I will always remember
But will never believe

And what is there to believe after all
Except the things we feel are true
One thing I will always believe
Is that I've never been wrong about you

Letters from Japan

Translation of above:

Dear Mr. Flynn,
I caught the New Yorkers TV broadcast of your story today On NHK in Japan and was very moved. I am not a New Yorker but Lived there for a year after graduating from college. Since 9/11 I have Been agonizing over the destruction of the twin towers. Your poster Is so beautiful. Really bringing it all back. Thank you for your work.
Ken in Tokyo

It's very nice to meet you. I came to know your WTC poster in the TV program, "New Yorkers", which Was broadcasted in Japan. I'm one of those who was touched by your beautiful Poster, and I'm one of those who loves NYC! Peace be with you, My best regards,
Norie, from Tokyo, Japan

Letters from Israel

Hi TOMMY, I entered your AMAZING website: www.skiesofnyc.com. As a photojournalist from Israel, I adore your outstanding photography!!! It's Absolutely AMAZING indeed!! It all started by reading an article about you in the Israeli "HAARETZ" newspaper in Hebrew of course! If you ever decide to jump by for a visit to the HOLYLAND, don't forget to contact me before you do so. I'll send you a copy of the article.
Yours, Guy, Tel-Aviv, Israel

HI TOMMY, I'm glad you let me put a link to your marvelous site , it will be my honor to do it! I was very touched indeed to recieve the poster. I'll let you know when my new Gallery in Italy will be on. Many thanks again, Stay in touch.
Guy from Israel

Comments from the Cascade Fellowship - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Tommy,
Hope you can read all the notes that people from the church wrote in this book. Your poster was in church for two weeks so everyone could enjoy it. I had it framed in black like the one you had in your apartment. I have let our 4 children all take turns to display it in their homes. So you know it really shared and admired. As we draw close to 9/11/02 may it help the people of NYC know that our thoughts and prayers are with them. I felt it was privilege to be there for 3 weeks. And to share the sorrow of that day. So many of my clients are in my thoughts. So on that day you'll know that we are remembering.
Thanks again. Annetta

Dear Tommy,
Several months ago, Annette and three others from our church served with the Red Cross at Ground Zero. It was there that Annette and her partners met you. They were struck by the beauty of your photograph and your generously gave them a print of the towers as seen from your window. After she had it framed, she shared with the staff here at church. We felt our entire church family would appreciate the beauty of your composition. What an awesome God we have. He certainly is not boring and he loves variety as evidenced by the changes brought about in a same setting due to weather, seasons, time of day! A few people chose to write down their feelings. Others verbally expressed their appreciation for your gifts of photography. We were all struck by how quickly our lives can change and how little we can do to prevent these changes or protect each other from them. It is in this way that we need each other and gifts of each person. We pray that you have a group to support and encourage you. We thank God for your gift photography and that your work continue to flourish!
Sincerely, Jackie

Mr. Flynn
The photography is beautiful. I am filled with joy as I see the power of God in your work.
Thank you. Gary & Neda

Sincere thanks for sharing your photo with us. As fellow New Yorkers, now living in Grand Rapids, we share your grief. While it is undoubtedly painful for you to realize the void of the World Trade Towers from your window, may you feel the Lords encouragement and a peace that only He can give. Thank you!
Sincerely, Susan & Rick

I had to look twice at the picture to realize they are all the same. It's amazing how different times of day and different skies can alter the looks of the scene.
Great job. Maggie

Your combination of colors and placement on the print are so striking! It's difficult to pick a favorite. I can't help but thinking how much we take for granted every day and in all seasons and all kinds of weather!

Great montage of photographs! I've enjoyed looking at all the different colors. Many here are praying for you.
God bless you. Wilumina

What I see in your photographs are images of man's accomplishments being dwarfed by God's amazing power as shown through his creation. My prayer for you is that you will come to know the saving power of God that is offered to us through his son Jesus Christ, who willingly gave his life to save us all while we were yet sinners. As an art teacher all I can say is Wow! What an inspiration. May God's love fill the void that you are experiencing.

Dear Tommy I have visited NYC a few times. The last time was July 3rd 2001. Little did I realize then, that twin towers, which so dominated the skyline, would be so suddenly destroyed. Therefore, I have looked with fascination and appreciation at the pictures you have taken and made available to us.
Sincerely, Milton

Incredible photography! God has given you a great gift to "see". These photos will always remain vivid in my mind. Thank you for sharing them.
Sincerely, Marylou

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